April Showers Brings a New Podcast Episode

I sat down in front of my microphone and recorded a new podcast episode since, you know, I haven’t actually done that since October. I haven’t really been in the greatest physical or mental state for a bit, so I haven’t bothered recording… or posting anything here… or even chatting. I just haven’t been in a mood to do any of these things.

I haven’t been overly sad, depressed, or upset or anything like that. Well, let me take some of that back. In my latest podcast episode, I talk about some health issues that have prevented me from typing or doing anything with my left hand (and sometimes right hand). That, admittedly, was really hard. I had to take about a month of sick leave from work and a lot of my annual leave was used up. I had no choice but to go back to work, but at that time, things were about 80% better. I still struggle sometimes, but for the most part, it’s business as usual with an application of some topical medication, wrist braces, and ibuprofen.

This is probably something that I didn’t say in the podcast, but I got really down after a while because I thought that the use of my hands was gone for good. How would I work? How would I cook? How would I drive? Why didn’t the medications work? What was wrong with me??? For the first time in a long time, I was depressed. My partner isn’t here to help me and I have bills to pay. I stayed in bed hoping that resting my limbs would be the magic cure.

Luckily, things are better now. I am almost at full capacity again. I took some supplements and things started feeling better.

What it made me realise is how it may feel for someone who loses function in a body part at some point in their life and then it’s permanent. I really respect people who have suffered some sort of disability and they have to find new ways to do things they used to do. It takes so much hard work and perseverance, not to mention strength.

I’m lucky that my arms, wrists, and hands function again. Sure, it’s not perfect, but who’s to say it will stay that way? It’s a scary thought, but as scary and frustrating as it is, adapting to a new life is necessary.

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Also, I am not promising any additional publicly available podcasts at this time. Let’s not set our expectations, eh?

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