I hope everyone reading this is doing well! Work’s been crazy, so I’ve had to take a little break. I’ve been having to wake up early and by the time I get home, I am so tired that I fall asleep, so I’ve been neglecting you fine people. But here I am at around 6:45 am (I’d just be leaving right about now on a work day). I am stuck in morning mode and probably will be for a while. About 95% of my shifts have been in the mornings instead of afternoons or nights.

back pain

I’m doing well though for the most part. Just perpetually tired and sore. My back is so sore lately. I bought a posture correcting back brace (not really a brace, but more like a little cloth thing to pull my shoulders back where they need to be). My back has been sore since I wore it. I think I am so slouched over now that it’s going to take some good old metal and screws to correct my terrible posture.

I guess being a computer nerd has that effect. I’ve always been that kind of person who looks down as they walk and since I’ve had a smart phone, it’s probably only gotten worse. I’m going to be studying through the pain today. I’ll deal with it somehow.

Other updates? Husband’s birthday is this weekend. He’s starting to show signs of agony because it’s the last year of his 30s. I reminded him, in my own little special way, that his husband has hit the 40 mark and he’s doing just fine.

I’m gonna do a bit of extra work on this website and record another new podcast episode this week since I won’t be able to record/edit/post after mid-August to mid-September.

I hope everybody’s doing well! Take care of yourself!

2 Years of Wedding Bliss

Happy Fourth of July, Americans. Good luck. You apparently need it. Lots of it. Don’t screw the country up next year, okay?

Now that’s out of the way, I just wanted to say a big hello to anybody who reads this.

I’ve had to fill in for missing staff at work, so I haven’t had much time to do anything considered “fun”. I don’t hate my job or anything like that, so to get paid for doing something I like doing is just a bonus.

My wedding anniversary is in a few days. We originally planned to go to Melbourne, but that’s been cancelled. I can’t risk going there and picking anything up, so we’re just going to do something around here tonight. I’m letting him sleep in today because the restaurant we’re heading to opens at 5 pm and I hate shopping. (He loves shopping and I find it incredibly boring.

This is two years of marriage for us. Amazing how time flies, right? Also, it’s just about the same when I was last in India. I was hoping to go this year, but I doubt that I’m going to do any international travel for a while. There are so many places I want to go since my income doesn’t suck anymore… but I can’t. My health is more important. I don’t want to risk getting myself and others sick. I depend on my husband to feed me. I’d starve without him.

That’s it. Just a simple little update. I hope everybody is doing well!