And so, this is the obligatory end-of-year post…

I don’t really say much here anymore. You can catch my random ramblings on Mastodon though.

I’ve learned that by dropping my regular blog postings and the discontinuation of my podcast that I really like this… solitude. Something about the lock-downs and isolation really helped carve that into a mainstay in my life. When I’m not working, I just want to be left to my own devices (literally).

Sometimes, I do miss the online communities I was a part of though. Sometimes, I just want to sit and chat with people about random things, but after five minutes of that, I realise that it probably wasn’t a great idea. That’s just me though.

My husband and I are still living apart, but that is going to change in 2024. The construction of our house started in October and it’s progressing very quickly. We’ve got a roof, some bricked walls, and a big wooden frame up at the moment. It’s looking pretty good.

I don’t want to type too much here so I won’t. I feel like there’s so much I’ve said on Mastodon. However, I’m happy to give you bullet points of my highs and lows of this year:

  • I’m starting to feel like an old gay man. Gray hair is sprouting up everywhere and no one knows I exist. Is that such a bad thing though?
  • My apartment was broken into while I was home but miraculously, nothing was stolen. The thief got away with my wallet, but later in the day, I got it back with nothing missing.
  • I’m getting a lot more experience in different areas of my work which is nice.
  • Red, the dachshund, was added to my family. I never knew a dog could love fruit and vegetables so much. He was a hero when my apartment got broken into.
  • I’m steadily gaining more weight. I should really fix that, shouldn’t I?
  • I think I’ve been with my current partner for about 10 years now.
  • He’s an Australian citizen now.
  • I miss having him take care of me.

I think that’s about it. I can’t make promises about 2024. I’m afraid to, really. There are quite a few nice things happening though. I guess all I can do is to do my best, right?

It’s like 1:35 am almost. I should get to bed. I already don’t get enough sleep. Good night folks, and hope your 2024 is pretty fucking awesome.