The Podcast Episode That Couldn’t

They’re just not happening, are they?

I had recorded an episode while driving back home the other day, and it sounded like I was recording it 5 rooms away so I have to cancel that one too. One of these days, I’ll get around to publishing new content. I’m time-constrained right now, so it’ll come when it does. Maybe next time I will check to see whether it sounds terrible before I talk to myself for 30 minutes.

See you soon?

Episode Upload Shuffle

This is just a courtesy message to let you know that I will be moving my usual podcast episode update day from Friday to Tuesday (starting with #60). I’m not getting many Fridays and weekends off right now and I tend to be off more on Tuesdays so this makes more sense.

I don’t think that it’ll make much of a difference to your daily life.

I am perpetually tired. That is all.