An End

Hello everyone! It has finally happened. I am bored with podcasting to an invisible audience. Well, no, I am just exhausted with caring about it, so my next one is going to be my last… for now.

In my last few episodes, I discussed about my frustrations of living such a calm, and boring life, so why say the same thing over and over again?

If you’ve been listening, I didn’t mean to call you invisible. I know you’re there. I appreciate you listening for as long as you have, even if your first episode you listened to was this morning. I appreciate you listening, even if you have listened to 30 seconds of me once by accident.

I’m not saying I don’t need the therapy because I do, but general life is getting in the way. I’ll manage because I’ll keep creating because it’s what I do. Whether anybody will see any of it, who knows? I’ll be around… somewhere, somehow because I do need this creative outlet.

So I said what I needed to, and I really wish you well. I hope you take super good care of yourself. Promise me you’ll do that, okay?

This blog may or may not live on. There’s an incredible need right now to be productive. We will see how that plays out! See you all later, and thank you again!

And yes, I said “for now” because I might do another one, just not a personal podcast. I am 100% done with that. 🙂