July Brings New Podcast Episodes

UPDATE: Yeah, that didn’t happen. This podcast episode will probably be scrapped. I haven’t had the time and/or energy to edit it and all that. I’m going to try to get one out (re-recorded or not) this month.

I’ve started recording podcast episodes again. Still, I am not committing to a set schedule, but I thought that I would record while I drive from place to place. I feel as if this makes the time pass a little faster and helps me formulate and process the thoughts I have in my head. I recorded in mid-June and thought I would post the whole thing at once, but my recording ended up being over 1.5 hours, so I will slice it into two parts.

For those with an account, you can listen about 3-5 days early. I had planned to upload the first on 1 July, but that will be moved to next week due to some unexpected health issues. They’ll need a bit of editing.

To see general information about these new episodes, go to https://cnoi.se/ or https://www.complicatednoise.com/ and make your way to the podcast section.

I am going to try to post at least a monthly podcast episode. We’ll see.

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