So the podcast episode posting didn’t really happen this month. I don’t even know if the one I recorded in the car will even see the light of day yet. That’s okay. I’ve been pretty slack with updating that or anything here, so hopefully you’ll forgive me.

How are things going for me? Eh, they’ve been kind of crappy. I have had a serious lack of energy lately so I haven’t really done anything outside work and that’s incredibly sad.

Husband’s off in India and I’m kind of sitting around waiting for him to come back already. He just left last weekend and let’s not forget that I am living more or less by myself. I wanted to go to India, but I’ve got too much happening around me at the moment. Too many commitments. That’s not very fun.

I’m going to try to record very soon, remembering that I might be repeating myself a little bit. That’s okay, right?

I’m just perpetually sick and tired and I wish that I could just feel better at some point.

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