Injustice & Inequality

What do I think about what’s happening in the USA right now?

I don’t really post a lot of my feelings about current events from the USA because I’m perpetually disappointed in my home country. I see a lot of #AllLivesMatter stuff on my Facebook wall and it’s usually from the people I expect. No surprises here. They’re people who can’t bear to be blamed and don’t want to take responsibility for the many, MANY acts of injustices that happen to people of color every single day. Let’s face it. It is a problem. It needs addressed and if peacefully bringing it to our leaders’ attention isn’t working, obviously something else must be done.

The inequality must be addressed. It’s not. We’ve got a president who will go and hide, tweeting from his hiding place, inciting hatred, and causing problems. Nothing is going to change until we change the quality of leadership.

You know something though? I can almost guarantee that change is not going to happen next year. I don’t have any faith left in US citizens to make sound decisions. I have even less faith in most of the so-called leaders. So far, they don’t lead, they just divide.

Before we address the #AllLivesMatter thing, we need to tackle the inequality concerning black lives. The statistics are abysmal and they’re not something that I am proud of as a dual national of the USA.

A lot of times, what I type here doesn’t come out as clear as I’d like it to but what I’m saying is that the racial divisiveness and injustice needs to stop. I am a supporter from afar. I know justice can happen but sadly with the state of the US, it is not within grasp with our current head of state.

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